"As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you." - Jesus Christ

Our mission is to make Jesus' mission our mission.  Imagine a "typical day" in the life of Jesus as presented in the Gospels:

  • Morning:  Prayer to the Father
  • Noon: Meeting the needs of others
  • Afternoon: Speaking God's Truth
  • Evening: Sharing God's meal

We want to take this outline of Jesus' day, and use it to outline our own life together as a community of believers who seek the good of the Shoals in Jesus' name:

 - through diligent prayer for the Shoals

 - through using our gifts to meet others needs

 - through reading, hearing, believing, and living God's Word

 - through celebrating the meal that Jesus gave us

For more information, call (256) 768-5638


The Shoals Mission is connected to a worldwide fellowship of Christians over 40 million strong through its belonging to the Anglican Diocese of the South, a diocese of the Anglican Church in North America. For more information, click on either or both links below:

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